Tuna Pasties


.250 g Cold butter (cut into cubes)

.300 g flour

. ¾ cup cold water

.salt (if the butter is unsalted)

.1 pinch Blackpepper

.oil for fry

For fillings

.2 cans tuna fish

.1 onion (chopped)

. 1 green chili (chopped)



Methods for Tuna Pasties

. Pour flour in a large bowl, add butter cubes, salt and Blackpepper. Mix until the mixture become crumbles like sand

.add cold water and make a dough. Cover and let rest for about 15 minutes

. In a bowl, add tuna with chopped onion, green chili, salt and Blackpepper

.spread dry flour on a working surface and roll the dough 2 cm thick. Cut into small squares

.add 1 tbsp of fillings in the middle of each square, fold to close the fillings inside and press the edges of each pasty with the tines of a fork like shown in the picture

.heat oil on medium heat and fry the pasties on both sides till golden brown (The pasties can be also bake)

.drained on a kitchen paper

.serve with chili sauces

The uncooked pasties can be stored in freezer for about 1 or 2 weeks