. 2 tbsp ghee

. 2 packets roasted Vermicelli

. 1 Can sweeten condense milk

. 1 small bowl crushed peanuts

. 1 small bowl dried coconut powder

. ½ bowl chopped Almonds

. ½ bowl sesame seeds


. Roast peanut, sesame seeds, chopped almonds and dried coconut powder in a pan on low heat until it turn to lightly brown

. Remove from pan, and keep aside

.Add ghee in the pan, crush vermicelli and add to the ghee.. keep stir for about 10 minutes

.Add ½ of roasted peanut coconut mixture into the vermicelli and stir

. Add condense Milk to the mixture and keep stir for about 10 minutes on low heat

.Remove from heat or until the mixture start to leave the pan

.grease a large rectangular tray, and add vermicelli mixture into it

. Press well with a wooden spoon and spread the rest of peanut mixture on the vermicelli

.Cut the sweet into shapes of your choice before it turn cold

. Remove from tray and Serve the crispy vermicelli sweets