Stuffed chilies cheese appetizer


. 10 Anaheim chilies

.1 bowl cheese (cut into small cubes)

. 250 g flour

.1 teaspoon yeast

. Salt

.1 teaspoon red chili powder


.yellow color powder

.oil for frying

Method for Stuffed chilies cheese appetizer

. Pour flour in a large bowl, add yeast and mix

. Add salt to the flour, add water and mix to a paste

.Add red chili powder and yellow color powder stir and keep for 2 hours in room temperature to rise

.wash Anaheim chilies, cut the middle, remove seeds and put cheese cubes inside

. Heat oil in a large pan

.Dip chilies in flour paste and fry on medium heat until become lightly brown

.drain on a kitchen paper

.serve  with tomato sauce or any sauce of your choice