spicy Rice

.600G rice
. 3 onions (chopped)
.150G peas
.15G cumin powder
. 15G cinnamon Powder
.20G ginger powder
. 2 fresh tomatoes (cut into slices)
.20G green chili (chopped)
.10 cloves
. 6 cloves cardamom (crushed)
.4 bay leaves (crushed)
. 6 tbsp oil

. Pour rice in water and let soak
.heat oil in a large casserole and add chopped onion, crushed bay leaves and cumin powder
. Add other ingredients; peas, ginger, cinnamon powder, cardamom, cloves and green chili
. Drain rice and put in the casserole. Cover with water 1,5 the volume of the rice.
. Cook on low heat by keeping the casserole cover, when all the water has evaporated, the rice is cook
. Serve hot with the fresh tomato slices and boiled eggs