Roasted Duck

.1 duck 2.5 kg
.1 teaspoon garlic powder
.2 branches fresh thyme
For Marinade
. 1 orange
.15 g fresh ginger (grated)
. 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
.40 g honey
.20 g butter (melted)

For marinade
.mix all ingredients together and keep aside
.On the eve
.Clean the inside of the duck
.Pour the duck in hot water for 1 minute
.Remove and leave to cool at room temperature
.put the duck in a large bowl
.Rub ½ of marinade sauce all over the duck
.Put in refrigerator
. After 3 hours, repeat the same step with the remain marinade sauce
Preparation day
.preheat oven at 180°C
.remove the duck from the bowl, Make sure to keep the marinade sauce left in the bowl
.Place the duck on an oven plate, season with salt, garlic powder, and Blackpepper
.Rub fresh thyme over the duck
. Cook in oven for 50 minutes
.every 15 minutes, remove the duck and rub the marinade sauce over it
.Remove from oven after the duck turns to brown and brightened
.Cut and place in place
.Garnish with fresh coriander or according to your choice
.Serve hot and enjoy with families for Christmas