Roasted beef

. 1 ½ kg boneless beef meat
. 2 cloves garlic (crushes)
.black pepper
.2 tbsp flour
. 2tbsp vegetable oil
. ¾ cup beef stock (fat removed)
. ¼ cup dry red wine
. 1stalk celery (chopped)
. 1 small onion (studded with 3 cloves)
. 1 large onion (coarsely chopped)

Cooking Method

. Rub meat with garlic, salt and pepper. Coat meat on all side with flour
.heat oil in a cooking pan and add meat and brown evenly on all sides
.away from heat, add stock. Stir well to remove any frying residues attached to base. Add remaining ingredients around the meat
. Cover the cooking pan. Bring to high heat, then reduce heat and cook for about 45 minutes
. Remove from heat. Allow to cool naturally
. Place meat on a serving dish
.strain and put cooking sauce in the pan, and heat it till it reduced to half, stirring occasionally
.serve the roasted meat, accompanied with gravy