Pani puri

Ingredients for Pani puri
. 1 cup semolina
.1 tbsp flour of all purpose
.club soda
.oil for fry

Method for Pani puri
. In a bowl combine semolina with salt and flour
. Add club soda and make a dough
. Cover the dough with a wet cloth and keep aside for 20 minutes
. Heat oil on medium heat
. Rub a little oil on a surface and roll the dough thinly and roundly, cut small round shapes from the rolled dough


.You can also make small balls from the dough, and roll each one in round shape or you can even use a tortilla maker to roll the balls

Make sure you roll the small puris very thin as the more they are thin the more they will become crispy

.Deep fry the puris in hot oil, by pressing a bit over them
.fry until golden brown
.remove from oil and paste on kitchen towel to remove the extra oil
.serve with mashed potato and sauces which you can find on Topchefpro itself