. 100 CL fresh liquid cream
. 80 grams sugar
. Mint essence
. 4 gel sheets (can be replace by 1 ½ tbsp of Agar Agar powder)
. Crushed chocolate
. Mint caramel sauce (3 tbsp sugar, water and 1 drop mint flavor) heat to caramelize


. Mix mint essence with fresh cream and bring to boil and add sugar (AGAR AGAR POWDER SHOULD BE ADDED IN THE MIXTURE IF IT IS BEING USED)
. Put gel sheets in water to soften
. Remove the cream from heat, and let to warm (as gel sheet don’t like hot 😉
. After the cream has been warm put the gel sheet in it, mix well
. Pour the mixture in a plate
.let it rest on normal temperature
. Bring the plate in the refrigerator and let rest for 4 hours
. Cut the Mousse in any shape you want
. Decorate with crushed chocolate, droplets of caramel mint and mint leaves