dal puri

.500G flour
.400G yellow split peas (Dholl gram)
. 3 tbsp oil
. 2 tbsp roasted cumin seeds
. 2 teaspoon Turmeric powder
. 3 teaspoon salt

.wash yellow split peas and put in pressure cooker, Add 1 teaspoon salt and turmeric powder. Cook till the seeds become soft to grind
. Sieve peas, and reserve water for dough.
.Put cooked peas in grinder, and grind till it become a fine paste. The split peas should grind completely
.Mix grind yellow split peas with cumin seeds and keep aside
. Bring reserve water to boil, add 1 more glass to it
. Mix the rest of salt with flour, add oil and hot water little by little to the flour to make a soft dough,
. Put a little oil o your hand and rub it all over the dough. Cover with a cloth and leave to rest for 30 minutes
. Make small balls with the dough
. Fill the balls with 1 tbsp of grind yellow split peas
. Spread flour on a surface, and roll each ball carefully
. Cook each pancake on hot pancake pan, by brushing oil on both sides
. Serve hot with sauces, or other dishes
.Can be serve with chopped chicken, minced meat, and grains curries