. 500G flour
.chicken breast (cut into dices)
.1½ tbsp dry yeast
.1 pinch yellow food color powder
. Salt
.1 tbsp baking powder
.2 tbsp paprika powder
.1 tbsp red chili powder (optional)
.1 Lt oil for frying

.In a large bowl, combine flour with all dry ingredients except for paprika powder
.Add water to make a paste
.the paste should be neither too thick nor too thin
.leave the paste to rest for at least 2 hours
.heat 2 tbsp of oil in a pan, add chicken pieces, Fry for about 10 minutes. Add paprika powder, mix and cook for more 2 minutes
.Heat oil in a heavy pan
.Take about 1 full spoon of paste put 1 piece of chicken in the middle and pour in the oil to make small balls of croquette. I prefer to use my hand, but it depend on what you prefers
.Serve hot with sauces