. 1 cup milk
. 1 egg
. 2 ½ tbsp Sugar
. ¼ teaspoon lemon rind (grated)
. ½ pinch salt
. ¾ cup water

Cooking method

.Boil milk and allow to cool slightly
. In a bowl, beat egg lightly. Add sugar, lemon rind, lemon extract and salt. Stir. Gradually add milk, stirring constantly.
. Grease an oven bowl and pour the mixture in the bowl. Cover it with aluminum foil securely tied.
. Pour water into the oven plate or an aluminum dish and place the bowl on it for “bain-Marie” (you can also do it in a pressure cooker)
.Let it cooks on 180 degrees and cook for 10 minutes
. Remove from oven and let it cool down to room temperature. Refrigerate
. Serve the custard chilled

. you can also use it in pie