.140 g flour
.15 g cornstarch
.180 ml yogurt
.5 g baking powder
.30 g ghee
. 4 drops yellow color
For syrup
– 50 cl water
– 350 g sugar powdered
– 4 drops yellow color
– 1 tbsp rose water
– 1 teaspoon lemon juice

.Add all dry ingredients, and mix well
. Add yogurt and ghee. Mix to make a thick paste
. Add water slowly to form a paste similar to pancake paste
.Cover and leave to rest for 24 hours or over a night in a warm place
. The day of preparation, mix the paste once again and pour in an icing bag or ketchup plastic bottle
. Heat oil in a large pan
.in another saucepan, add water, sugar powdered, lemon juice, rose water, yellow color and bring to boil
. Cook until the syrup become thick