Green Asparagus with eggs salad


.1 bunch fresh Asparagus

.4 tomatoes (boiled)

.1 egg (boiled)

. 2 tbsp lemon juice

.pinch of sugar


.fresh parsley for garnish

For sauce

. ½ cup fresh parsley

.4 garlic cloves

. ¼ cup olive oil

.2 tbsp vinegar



.Wash fresh asparagus and place on a plate

.cut boiled egg into half and place on asparagus following with boiled tomatoes

.mix lemon juice with sugar and salt and spread over the salad

Method for sauce by Topchefpro:

.Chop parsley and garlic

.pour in a blender, add vinegar and mix till become a paste

.pour in a small bowl and add in the olive oil, and salt. Mix well

. Add on eggs and the salad and serve