date fudge

. 1 bowl ripe dates (seedless)
. 1 cup Nuts (blended)
. 1 cup coconut powder
. 1 tbsp poppy seed (optional)
. 2 tbsp ghee or butter


. Add ghee or butter in a heavy pan; add ½ cup coconut powder, poppy seed and ½ cup nuts. Let roast for few minutes
. Add dates in the mixture, and stir till the mixture left the pan
. Remove from heat and leave to cool naturally
. Place plastic wrap on a surface or a square plate, and brush it with oildates
. Put the cold mixture on the greased plastic wrap, and flatten the date mixture with your hand
. Spread the rest of Nuts powder on the date, and start rolling it to make a long log
. Cut the log into ½, coat them in the rest of coconut powder and wrap both logs in plastic wrap
. Put the dates logs in the refrigerator for 4 hours
. After 4 hours, remove the logs, unwrap them and cut into slices