Custard cream jelly


. 2 cups whipping cream

. 4 tbsp custard powder

. 1 packet jelly powder

. 1 canned mix fruits

. Water

.2 tbsp sugar

. 1 ½ vanilla essence

Method for Custard cream with jelly and canned fruits dessert

. Pour cups of cold water in a saucepan; add custard powder, vanilla essence and sugar. Stir and make sure the mixture is well mix

.put custard mixture on medium heat and cook until it become a thick paste not too dry. Keep aside and let to cool completely

.in another saucepan, boil 1 small cup of water. Add the jelly powder, stir till completely dissolve and add 1 small cup of cold water into the mixture, stir. Pour the mixture in a plate of 2 cm thick and put the plate in refrigerator to allow the jelly to fix

. pour whipping cream in a bowl, whip and make it thick, to check if it’s done, just overturn the bowl, if the cream stuck in the bowl means it’s ready and beware if you didn’t whip the cream well ,you might drop all your cream down and need to re make all the steps once again

. Add prepared custard in the whipped cream, mix with a spoon and whisk once again the creams to make it thicker


.pour whipped mix cream in an icing bag, and press in your dessert bowls

.with a spoon crush the jelly, and put 1 tbsp over the cream of each bowls

.finally add canned mix fruits and serve