. 1 kg of lamb shoulder boned and adorned
. 1 tbsp of curry powder
. 1 tbsp of olive oil
. 1 tbsp of flour
. 15 cl of coconut milk
. 1 small pineapple
. 2 bananas
. 2 apples
30 g butter
. 2 pinches of sugar
. Salt
.black Pepper

brochetteCooking method

for brochettes
Peel all the fruits
.Cut half of the pineapple into cubes, an Apple and a banana
.prepare 4 skewers with the fruit cubes, put in the refrigerator

.fry the shoulder of lamb cut into pieces in 1 tbsp of olive oil, let Brown, sprinkle with curry and flour, let Cook for 3 minutes, adds coconut milk and fills with water up to height
. Season and cook for 1 hour.
.at the end of cooking, add the other half of the pineapple, the last Apple and the last banana diced
. Return to cook for 15 minute at simmer, check seasonings and keep it hot
. Grasp the brochettes of fruit with butter, sprinkle with sugar, allow to slightly caramelizing
.serve with the curry of lamb and with rice