Coconut drink

. 1 coconut
. 1 lemon
. 2 tbsp sugarcane syrup
. Ice cubes

. Cut the coconut, and pour the water in a jug
. Remove the coconut from the shell, clean and wash
. Add sugarcane syrup in the water, pour in glasses
.Add coconut, ice cubes and lemon slices
. Enjoy this drink during summer 😉

Coconut water is an entirely natural drink, obtained by extraction of the liquid present in the young, green coconuts. It has a very low content of sugar and fat .It is rich in vitamins and minerals, contains vitamin C and B vitamins .as well as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium
It is helpful in many ways

.for weight loss
. For those who do sport
. For digestion problems
. For circulation of blood
. For skin
. For those who get tired easily
. For children or old person who doesn’t eat well
. For those who suffer from kidney problem, it is beneficial to the urinary tract as it is able to clean the bladder and help of elimination of toxins