Main Dish

Deer Meat Saute

Deer Meat saute


.500 g deer meat (cut into large pieces)

.1 teaspoon garlic sauce

.2 onions (coarsely chopped)

.2 green chilies (cut into halves)

. 1 small bowl chopped coriander leaves

.1 small bowl chopped green onion

.1 tbsp soy sauce

.salt to taste


Method for Deer Meat saute

. Wash meat and put in a pressure cooker with 1 cup of water and salt. Close the cooker and cook until 2 whistles or about 10 minutes

.Remove meat from pressure cooker, drain and cut the meat into small pieces

.heat 2 tbsp of oil in a wok pan, add deer meat and let fry for 5 to 10 minutes on low heat

.add chopped onions, and chili, stir and add soy sauce, garlic sauce, salt and blackpepper. Keep stir to prevent the meat to stick in the pan. Cook for about 5 more minutes on medium heat

. Remove from heat, garnish with chopped coriander and green onion

.serve hot with breads

Beef cheese pasta

Beef cheese pasta


.500g minced beef meat

.500 g penne pasta

.1 large onion (chopped)

.3 cups tomato sauce

.1 cup diced fresh tomatoes

.1 ½ tbsp fresh basil leaves

.1 teaspoon garlic paste

.2 cups shredded cheddar cheese



. 1 teaspoon dried oregano

.1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

.2 tbsp cooking oil

. Water


 Methods for Beef cheese pasta

.Heat oil in a pan, add minced beef meat with a pinch of salt. Cook until become brown

. In a saucepan, heat 1 tbsp oil, add chopped onion, garlic paste, Worcestershire sauce, salt and blackpepper. Stir and cook for 3 minutes or until onion become transparent. Add tomato dices and 1 cup of water, cover and cook until tomatoes become soft.
Add tomato sauce; follow by fresh basil leaves, oregano and cooked meat, and stir.
Add 1 more cup of water to the sauce, cover and let simmer for about 1 to 2 hours by checking time to time and adding water if needed.

.Cook pasta according to the direction showing on the packet

.Mix cooked pasta to the meat sauce

.Grease an oven bowl, add pasta mixture in the bowl and cover with grated cheddar cheese

. Cook in oven for some minutes or until the cheese melt

.Remove from oven

.Serve hot on serving plates

Crispy chicken wing with gram flour paste

Crispy chicken wing with gram flour paste


. 500 g chicken wings

. ½ cup all purpose flour

.   3 tbsp gram flour (besan)

. 1 teaspoon garlic paste

. 1 tbsp fresh lime juice

.1 teaspoon red chili powder (optional)

. 1 teaspoon fresh or dried oregano

. Salt



.oil for fry

Method  for crispy chicken wing with gram flour paste

 .marinade chicken wings with garlic paste, salt, Blackpepper and fresh lime juice

.in a bowl, add flour, gram flour, red chili powder, and oregano with a pinch of salt. Add little water to make a paste of pancake

.heat oil in a frying pan

.coat marinated chicken wings in dry flour

.dip chicken wings in gram flour paste

.deep fry the chicken wings until getting a nice color

.dry on a kitchen paper

.serve with sauces and salads