Custard cream with jelly and canned fruits dessert

Custard cream jelly


. 2 cups whipping cream

. 4 tbsp custard powder

. 1 packet jelly powder

. 1 canned mix fruits

. Water

.2 tbsp sugar

. 1 ½ vanilla essence

Method for Custard cream with jelly and canned fruits dessert

. Pour cups of cold water in a saucepan; add custard powder, vanilla essence and sugar. Stir and make sure the mixture is well mix

.put custard mixture on medium heat and cook until it become a thick paste not too dry. Keep aside and let to cool completely

.in another saucepan, boil 1 small cup of water. Add the jelly powder, stir till completely dissolve and add 1 small cup of cold water into the mixture, stir. Pour the mixture in a plate of 2 cm thick and put the plate in refrigerator to allow the jelly to fix

. pour whipping cream in a bowl, whip and make it thick, to check if it’s done, just overturn the bowl, if the cream stuck in the bowl means it’s ready and beware if you didn’t whip the cream well ,you might drop all your cream down and need to re make all the steps once again

. Add prepared custard in the whipped cream, mix with a spoon and whisk once again the creams to make it thicker


.pour whipped mix cream in an icing bag, and press in your dessert bowls

.with a spoon crush the jelly, and put 1 tbsp over the cream of each bowls

.finally add canned mix fruits and serve

Idli with semolina

This recipe is from one of our viewer Mehsar, She is a great fan of Topchefpro and she shares this special recipe with us. Idli is a traditional breakfast in South Indian households; it is a tasty cake which is popular throughout India and neighboring countries like Sri Lanka. Idli is usually made of fermented black lentils and rice. But this one is a special one which is sweet and made with semolina… so enjoy :)


.2 cups semolina

. 1 cup milk powder

. ¾ cup sugar

.2 tbsp baking powder

. 5 tbsp butter

.1 cup water

.1 drop food color (according to your taste)

. About 2 or 3 cups dehydrate coconut powder


. In a bowl, combine semolina with milk powder, baking powder, and sugar

.add butter and water to make a thick paste

.Leave to rest for 1 hour

.Divide the paste into two parts and add food color in one of the parts

.Grease idlis maker bowls, or small aluminum bowls

.fill ¾ of the each bowl with Idli paste, as the following steps, (with a spoon, add half of the side with food color paste and the other side with the other part of the paste)

.Cook idlis on water bath in rice cooker or cook in idlis maker for about 10 minutes

. Remove idlis from bowl and coat with coconut powder

. serve with tea or coffee

Bread Caramel Pudding

Bread caramel pudding
For this recipe, first important thing you need is an aluminum bowl, with its cover, as this pudding is cooked in a pressure cooker on water bath … So make sure to have a special bowl for this recipe or you can use aluminum foil to cover the bowl, but it will be more difficult for you as you will need to open the bowl to check time by time


. 7 tbsp milk powder

. 2 tbsp sugar

. 6 slices stale bread

.3 eggs

. 3 cups water

. 1 ½ tbsp vanilla extract

For caramel

. 4 tbsp sugar

Methods for Bread Caramel Pudding

. Soak bread slices in a small bowl of water

  • Prepare caramel
  • Add sugar in a aluminum bowl, bring on low heat and let the sugar melt and become golden brown ( make sure not to burn your caramel )



. In a large bowl, add milk powder and mix with 2 cups of water

. Add eggs, sugar and vanilla extract into the milk. Mix well

. Crush soaked bread with your hand, sieve to remove water and add to the milk mixture

. Mix the mixture well with your hand or a wooden spoon

. Add the mixture in the caramel bowl and cover the bowl

. Put the bowl in the pressure cooker; pour water in the pressure cooker at ¾ of the bowl level

.close the pressure cooker, and cook the pudding on medium heat for 30 minutes

. After 30 minutes, switch off the heat, open the pressure cooker; uncover the bowl to check if the pudding is ready. To check, take a knife or with the handle of a spoon, pick the pudding and slide your hand a little bit, if you see milk coming up, means it is not ready yet. If this case, close the bowl once again and cook for more 30 or 20 minutes  please do check more 2 times before remove the pudding from the heat

. After it has been cooked, uncover the bowl, place a large plate onto it, and reverse the bowl on the plate like we do for custard caramel

. Let to cool, put the pudding in the refrigerator for some minutes, cut into slices and serve cold